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The Spin Master 51 is a programmable spin coater with built-in computer control.It enables the R&D and universities's laboratories to effectively and accurately develop  and refine the coating application. Accurate and stable speed control is obtained through the adoption of proven precision motion system and the rigid mechanical design.It delivers quite easy to use operation through a 4.3 inch touch screen.It can perform step by step programming for precise deposition of metal oxide,polymer and organic thin films and coatings. The resolution and repeatability  is the leading standard of this industry.


PC-controlled and windows-based operation interface.

Easily connected to a printer or other exterior devices via USB port.

4.3"touch screen display ,full-color alphanumeric-capable graphical user interface(GUI).

Visualized real time speed graphic display.

Teflon-coated coating bowl (optional polyethylene coating bowl)

Rigid mechanical design protects the coating solutions from contact of drive system.

Leading resolution and repeatability standard of this industry .

Free technical support for the life of product via phone ,email ,and fax.

Technical parameters

Size: 26 cm* 22 cm* 26 cm

Machine weigh :7.5 kg

Power:110/220 VAC,50/60 Hz,1Amp

Vacuum: more than 2.1 C F M

9 process recipe programs on board

Each program has 8 steps

Spin Speed:500-8000 RPM

Spin resolution: <±1%

Spin repeatability:<±1%

1 s resolution for step time( Max.step time 99 s)

Substrate size:5 mm to 150 mm round

7.5 inch Telflon - coated coating bowl.

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