PMQW04 Omnibearing planetary ball mill

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PMQW04 Omnibearing planetary ball mill

PMQW Omnibearing planetary ball mill is an essential device for mixing, fine grinding, sample preparation, nano-materials dispersion, new product development and small batch production of high-tech materials. With small size, full-feature, high efficiency and low noise, this product is an ideal instrument for scientific research institutions, higher institutes and corporate research laboratories to obtain the micro-particle samples (four samples can be obtained in one experiment). This instrument can grind and mix samples of different sizes or materials during dry and wet conditions. The smallest particle discharged is 0.1um (namely1 ×10mm-4). PMQW series planetary ball mills are widely used in geology, mining, metallurgy, electronics, building materials, ceramics, chemical industry, light industry, medicine, beauty, environmental protection and other departments.


Working principle:

A turntable is equipped with four milling cans. When the turntable rotates, the milling cans revolve both around the wheel axis and on their own axis, like planetary movement.At the same time, they also flip 360 ° in the context of a three-dimensional space and can be artificially set up to run stably in any direction, so as to grind the materials finer and more uniform, and can solve the problems of some materials which often sink or stick to the bottom of cans. 


Technical parameters:

●Feed sample:soft, hard, brittle, dry or wet

●Working principle:Impact & Friction

●Driving type:Gear

●Vacuum grinding:Matching vacuum grinding jars [optional]

●Safety protection:Once the door is open, the machine stops

●Maximum feeding:two-thirds of the jar volume

●Feed size: Soil≤10mm  other≤3mm

●Final fineness:≤0.1um

●No. of jars: 2or4

●Speed:0 ~ 600 r / min

●Jar size:50ml100ml

●Speed ratio:1:2

●Pause time:1-9999min

●Interval time:1-9999min

●Drive:3-phase asynchronous motor with frequency converter

●Working hours:72h

●360°rollover cycle:1min

●Working method: Parallel rotation grinding or 360°flip grinding and fixed point operation

●Data storage: Text editing, storage / modification / update for different samples and grinding time.

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●Data monitoring: Revolution / rotation, running status, timing state, operation mode, motor power, fault code / warning code, alarm prompt

●Programmable variable speed operation: it can set different rotating speed at different time, and change different centrifugal acceleration force

●Control mode: microcomputer intelligent frequency conversion program control(CE certification), Chinese / English HMI interface (CE certification), Programmable variable speed operation, Data storage memory function, 100 groups of programs freely set, A variety of clockwise/counterclockwise running operation modes, Speed setting, Timed shutdown, The system supports master computer communication control

●Type of grinding jars: Stainless steel, vacuum, agate, sintered aluminium oxide, nylon, polyurethane, Teflon, Cemented carbide, zirconia, silicon nitride