HTT-T Series Tube Furnace

A tubular furnace, or otherwise called a laboratory tube furnace , is used for analytical operations, chemical analysis and determination of sulfur content in metals at industrial plants and research institutes. A characteristic feature of an electric furnace is the use of a round tube as a working chamber. The tube can be made of stainless steel, ceramics, corundum and quartz glass. The temperature of use of tube furnaces is 1200, 1400, 1700 degrees C. The temperature regulator allows not only to monitor and set the temperature, but also to set the heating cycle and the holding time.

How to order a tubular furnace?

  1. The internal diameter and length of the tube of the tube furnace can be changed (enlarged);
  2. Tubular furnaces can be supplied in both horizontal and vertical versions, as well as with adjustable slope of the pipe.
  3. If necessary, rotation of the pipe ( rotating tubular furnace ) can be ensured.
  4. In tubular furnaces, depending on the operating temperature, the following pipes can be used: stainless steel,quartz, corundum, etc