Hot Plate KW-4AH-350

The KW-4AH-350  hot plate is a compact and easy to use hotplate for baking and curing thin .Its rugged,portable design and temperature uniformity make it a versatile tool for all types of research facilities.

In conjunction with the KW-4A  spin coater,the system can be used to fabricate metal oxide thin films,polymer coatings and metal organic thin films.

The KW-4AH compact hotplate has uniform temperature profile across the substrate to provide even heating the films and coatings.No skin effect occrus on the hotplate since the hotplate baking heats the substrate from the bottom up.

This inside-out mechanism is especially for baking thick films since solvents in the films nearest the substrate are baked off before the film surface seals over.

The KW-4AH hotplate increases through put from a faster warm-up of the substrate.Bake times will be measured in seconds,rather than minutes or hours, as in conventional ovens.

Technical specifiation:

Operation:Manual Load

Process control:Programmable (locked)

Temperature Fluctuation:≤±1℃

Temperature Uniformity:≤±3%

Temperature Range:  ----30℃-300℃

Substrate Size:186mm*186mm